2 Antique Pullman Brass Railroad Sleeper Train Car Window Ventilators #2628-13

$ 390.00

2 Antique Pullman Brass Railroad Sleeper Train Car  Window Ventilators #2628-13 

These antique window ventilators would have been above the windows in the sleeper cars. Not sure when they were used but we think they are from the early 1900s. Passengers would have been able to control air flow with the lids. Each unit has 3 textured glass lites and two ventilators. Glass is in uncracked and unbroken condition. The wood frame is also in good solid condition. We believe the sliding corners were for installation or removal from the train cars. The ventilator boxes are brass with a copper screens. They are in very good condition as well but one lid has separated from one of its hinges but this dose not prevent it from functioning. 
They measure approx; 
Overall 44 1/2"long X 12"tall X 7 1/2" deep 
Shipping included.
   photo 028_zps1856539e.jpg
 photo 029_zpsf10a6dcf.jpg
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