Antique Cherry Fireplace Mantel Shabby White Chic Decorative #1509-13

$ 895.00

Antique Cherry Fireplace Mantel Shabby White Chic Decorative #1509-13


Has great alligatoring and crackly paint. Beautiful, gesso medallion & swag appliques. One little bit of gesso is missing on small corner of left side of swag. On right, there are BB holes in stile. Tiny piece missing out of top right mantel. Has original label on back.

Overall width 64"
Overall height, to top of mantel 57" high
With backboard, add an additional 5" to height
Mantel top depth 9.75"
Thickness of mantel surround 3.5"
Opening of mantel 48" wide x 41" high

***Will wrap in bubble and cardboard for a $45 prep fee. It is up to the buyer to arrange and pay for freight/shipping.
  Photobucket  photo 012_zps12f4f2cd.jpg  photo 001_zpsb1db15ee.jpg  photo 002_zpsa3cd0bd1.jpg  photo 003_zps452bb444.jpg  photo 004_zps59fb53ad.jpg  photo 005_zps2510e5c4.jpg  photo 006_zps9c81e0a7.jpg  photo 007_zpsc825cce2.jpg  photo 008_zpse33d70dc.jpg  photo 009_zps2e46a3c7.jpg  photo 010_zps3a768f1d.jpg  photo 011_zps630d9bc8.jpg  photo 013_zps44ebbb67.jpg  photo 014_zpscc4b3c35.jpg

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