Antique High Back Corner Farm House Sink 2120-13

$ 850.00

Antique High Back Corner Farm House Sink 2120-13

Cast iron with white porcelain. Fits in left corner. Single basin on left, single drainboard on right. Nice apron in front. 13" high back splash. Some porcelain missing on bottom edge (see pics) and can be touched up with a porcelain kit. Bottom of basin and drainboard show some wear but still very good. The rest of the porcelain is in very good condition.

****Pick up only or we will build a padded crate for an additional $175 but BUYER is responsible for scheduling and paying for shipment/delivery.****

Measures: 52" wide x 20" deep x 18" tall. Plumbed 8" on center with a 2.5" drain. 13" back splash and 24" x 14" x 6" basin dimensions.
   photo 038_zps9070835c.jpg
 photo 040_zps2c261df0.jpg
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