Vintage Bathroom Porcelain Light Sconce #1486-13

$ 69.00

Vintage Bathroom Porcelain Light Sconce #1486-13

Porcelain looks in good condition. Missing a set screw for the shade. Nice porcelain drop pull chain. Shade is milk glass and it has a diagonal crack across front but seems solid (see pics). Needs rewire.

Measures: 4.25" wide x 5.25" tall x 7.5" deep, out from wall
 photo 064_zps7afeb61a.jpg
 photo 065_zpsddbfe50a.jpg
 photo 066_zps0499ab5d.jpg
 photo 067_zpsbcf40d4d.jpg
 photo 068_zps80986a75.jpg
 photo 069_zpsa4feba6e.jpg
 photo 070_zpsbed908be.jpg
 photo 071_zpsb78481b7.jpg

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